Look around yourself. A couple of chairs and desks may surround you if you find yourself in a classroom, finding bliss in ignoring your teacher. Perhaps you’re being bombarded by the vicious gangs who crowd in the Hall of the Whale, masking it’s luxurious old-bone sent with their colognes. Or possibly you’ve perched yourself on top of your refrigerator, blowing off some steam after a stressful day of battle, letting your mind slip into the safe space on the inner front page of the newspaper. You’ve come to the editorial page to calm yourself, to find solace in a passage which will allow you to just chill.  


Be quick. Check behind you. But don’t be too obvious. They’re there aren’t they, right behind you. Now, carefully, think for a second. You know you have to be the one to do it, to go over there and make that change. But, if you make your move, if you head on over, someone might see you. Scratch that, people will see you. They’ll watch as you approach. They’ll know exactly what you’re up to. And what will they think? Oh god, what will they think…

It doesn’t matter to you really. You don’t really care if your boys make fun of you cause hey, at least you tried. At least you’re actually going to do something while they sit under the old whale bones and pick spinach out of their teeth and call each other names. Right? You’re gonna do it right? Cause it’s really important. And I know that it’s kind of a long walk over there but it’s really gonna be so worth it. Like it would be sooooo easy to just forget about it, dismiss it. I mean, if you think about it, you’re probably not even going to live long enough to see the impact of what you are definitely going to do, so is it even worth it? Is it even worth it if it doesn’t benefit you? Is anything even worth it if it doesn’t benefit you?

Lemme tell ya something. This is the last thing I have to say.

Come real close now.

I’m gonna whisper it in your ear but you can tell anyone you want.

This is kind of just for dramatic effect.

But it’s worth it so go to bins marked specifically for this reason and









Water Bottle.


By Maeve Cawley,


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